g. Terminate Your Cluster

Please remember to save valuable software setups and data before deleting any ephemeral cluster. For example, data can be saved directly to S3; snapshots can be created from EBS volumes, such as of the shared file directory (created by default with AWS ParallelCluster); and Amazon Machine Images, AMI’s, can be made of instance set ups. For this lab, there is no need to save any data. From a terminal window in the IDE. List the running ParallelClusters:

pcluster list

Delete the ParallelCluster:

pcluster delete wrfcluster

Clusters take several minutes to delete.

You still have a Cloud9 instance running. And probably some files stored in S3. Will these continue to cost you money if you don’t delete them?

If you are taking this workshop at PEARC we have given you a temporary account and everything will be deleted. However, if you are doing this workshop on your own you will probably want to clean up your Cloud9 instance and delete the storage in S3 that you do not need.